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News From Spain: A Day in Madrid’s City-wide Lockdown

              Madrid, recently considered the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic, in one of the world’s hardest-hit countries, has been in a draconian citywide lockdown since March 14th. The lockdown guidelines required that the city’s 6.6 million residents remain confined to their homes. Only vitally essential trips to the grocery, pharmacy, or hospital are allowed.

How Languages Can Save Lives

In Humanitarian Crises, Languages Can Literally Mean the Difference Between Life and Death. We’ve already seen how languages can be vital on the front line with our Covid guide for treating Spanish patients. Medical translations like these can help save lives. But that’s not the only way. Aid workers sent from NGOs may speak multiple

Word Nerd: Uplifting Words to Weather Stressful Times

Origins of the Words of Encouragement and Strength We Need Right Now This time on Word Nerd I want to focus on some encouraging words that have been helping me weather this strange time so many of us are sharing. Again, you’ll see me mentioning Proto Indo European or (PIE), which is a theoretical language that was created using

Keep up With Current Brazilian Slang Phrases on Instagram

Learn Current Brazilian Slang Phrases on Instagram Through Greengo Dictionary New Language Learning Method Alert! There’s a new hilarious Instagram handle that has Brazilians cackling and language learners tilting their heads in confusion as Brazilian slang phrases get twisted into their direct translations in English. If you’re tilting your head now, I will explain what I mean