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The 10 Best Travel Books to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Top Travel Books for Your Summer Staycation Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean the wanderlust goes away. Take a trip around the world from the comfort of your couch with these 10 travel books which explore countries, cultures, and characters from far away lands. Plus, some of them feature language learning, too!  1.

Words for Father Around the World

How to Say Dad in Different Languages Father’s Day is approaching, so this week on Word Nerd I thought it would be fun to explore the various words for father in languages from around the world. Origins of the Words for Father in English In English, we have several words for referring to our dads.

Shonen Manga Guide | The Pimsleur Language Blog

What is Shonen Manga? My previous manga post was about the very basics of manga. As mentioned, there are different genres of manga aimed at different age groups. Manga has something for everyone, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. Today, let’s put the spotlight on shonen manga (少年マンガ), which is one

Fun Zoom Backgrounds to Inspire Your Language Learning

Summer Travel on Hold? Try a Virtual ZoomCation While You Dream of Adventures to Come Though pandemic restrictions are beginning to lift in some places, life isn’t exactly as it was before. Most countries still have travel restrictions, meaning summer vacations (and possibly your opportunity for on the ground language practice) are canceled! The lockdown

How to Learn a Language With Your Kids

Keep Your Children Entertained by Involving Them in Your Language Study Throughout this current pandemic, many of our readers have been facing the task of home-schooling their children. They’ve been looking for activities to keep them – and the kids – all busy. With trying to juggle working from home, supervising the kids’ learning, keeping

What is Your Word for Grandmother?

How to Say Grandmother in Different Languages In honor of my grandmother, who passed away from Covid-19 last week at the amazing age of 100, I wanted to share some of the words for grandmother in various languages from around the world. Some will be familiar and some strange.  Some are quite formal, and some

Learn Portuguese With These Binge-Worthy Brazilian Netflix Shows

Must-Watch Brazilian Netflix Shows to Practice Portuguese Looking for quality Brazilian shows to watch to improve your Portuguese? Lucky for you, Netflix is already on it! With quality content, fast streaming, and accurate subtitles, Netflix can complement your Portuguese language learning journey. In this article, we go over 4 recently released binge-worthy Brazilian Netflix shows

What’s the Problem with Gender in Spanish?

Exploring Gender-Neutral Language in Spanish Noun and adjective genders in your second language can be a real pain, can’t they? Having to select the correct endings, always watching out for agreements, kicking yourself when you get the wrong endings. This is the reality for most learners. After twenty years of speaking Spanish, I still have